10 Reasons Why Law Is Important

“Law” is a system of rules designed to regulate behavior in both public and private society. Social and/or governmental institutions create and enforce these rules. Humans have been making laws for thousands of years. Early examples include ancient Egyptian law, Babylonian law, ancient Chinese law, and Old Testament law. There are many categories of law, including criminal law, civil law, […]

UX Research for Worldwide Products

A column by Janet M. Six June 21, 2021  No Comments Send your questions to Ask UXmatters and get answers from some of the top professionals in User Experience. This month in Ask UXmatters, our expert panel discusses how best to perform UX research for worldwide products. Creating a successful worldwide product requires understanding both regional differences and local expectations. It’s necessary to translate products’ […]

10 Laws of UX, design, and engineering

These maxims provide some (hopefully sage) perspectives on issues we all face when designing or developing. Like so many others, I’m always writing in my notebooks. Going over them, I noticed there were quite a number of “laws” in there — so I figured, let’s try and do a quick rundown of all these laws, and see what they tell […]